Father's Day is upon us

Father's Day is just around the corner, and what better way to show your appreciation than with the gift of grooming? Whether your dad is a seasoned grooming pro or a newbie, we've got you covered with our top beard grooming picks for Father's Day. We have a special wooden gifting packaging beard combo set that offers the perfect kick start to a glowing and healthy beard journey. You can also use our WhatsApp line for customised messaging and tailored touches to your gift. We offer a ribbon tied wooden box with a tailored message provided to us by you for your loved one. Otherwise our shop still offers the standard deals for your pleasure.

Wooden Gift Box Special

If your Dad, Husband, Brother, Son or Loved one is rocking a Man Crown, then let’s help him keep it looking its best with a complete beard grooming combos. What we call Man Crown combos. Bakoena Brands thoroughly has your back for the best Beard Care. Start the Journey with us. Beard wash, Beard oil, Beard butter, Beard combs & Brushes. All available from our online store. No matter what you choose, your dad is sure to appreciate the effort you put into finding the perfect grooming gift. To a Happy Father's Day ahead!


To the young Fathers out there. We see you!

Our products are made with the finest essential oils and natural plant extracts. The skin to hair approach is our process.

Welcome to The Feeling Of Home.

The Man Crown is in GOOD HANDS


In order to grow the tree, you must enrich the soil.

Treat your skin like the root foundation to your beard glow. Go with our beard oils.

Expereince The Feeling Of Home.



Finally a go to beard range for Africa and the world.

Infused with scents of an African home. The Impepho (sage), lengana (wormwood) plus aloe aromas are the ezilalini (rurals) welcome.

Infused with some of the already familiar international scents like OUD, there is no doubt that the modern day man is involved.

Welcome to the Feeling of Home


Wear the Man crown Proud , and your intent even Louder. Man must be a symbol of wellness, even more, an example for future generations of Man.

A better Man, a better Son, a better Father in our society. Much more than just a beard care range. Welcome to the Feeling Of Home.


A man’s beard says a lot about HIM. 

When we see it, it captivates the finish lines of all the races he has run.

So brother, take charge of that beard & be reminded of the pursuit to a better you daily.

Welcome to The Feeling Of Home Tribe.

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