Growing a Beard isn’t easy


Anyone can grow a beard, but not everyone can pull off the freshest beard that makes them confident and glow. It takes a lot of patience and a true dedication as well as one solid grooming routine. If you have the dedication, we have the best beard grooming products for it. 

Many men don't understand the difference between a beard wash and regular shampoo so what is beard wash?

Beard wash is just a shampoo that has been specifically created for the benefit of your facial hair. Head hair shampoos contain many harsh chemicals which are added to help remove natural oils from your hair and scalp.

Now your scalp produces a lot of natural oil so these shampoos are fine for our head hair, but our facial hair isn't as lucky. The skin beneath our beard don't produce no where near as much natural oils, which help keep our beards hydrated and healthy. Beard washes are designed to remove the dirt etc, but not remove the natural oils.