Maseru Sky Beard Care Combo

R 700.00
A combination of great essential oils which include aloe, ginger, orange & the amazingly underrated wormwood scent. 

Wash: washes all the grime and dirt on the beard whilst restoring all lost natural oils from the beard follicle. 
Oil: nourishes the skin on which the beard grows. Your beard is only as healthy as the skin it grows on. 

Handmade & inspired by the Lesotho Kingdom & its fresh morning Air & beautiful skies. A feeling of a Southern Hemisphere rural morning. Imagine the sounds of live cattle & whilst enjoying the nostalgic scents of an African home.
A combination of Mango & Shea butter. Used daily after washing & oiling your beard. 
Designed to give your beard texture & shape whilst giving added nourishment to the beard follicles. 
Inspired by our African climate & the resilience of its people. Giving life to the African Man crown & the world beyond.